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Data Quality Assessment
May 2022 - Exact date will be announced
at 9:00am CET


– Definition of Systematic Errors;
– Motivation – Observations from 127 IUCrData data sets; 
– What metrics can do for you and what they can’t do for you; 
– When standard metrics fail: some examples and how to identify them; the important role of the standard deviation (Io); 
– Examples of new metrics with applications; case studies; 
– Symptom, Syndrome, Diagnosis; 
– The important role of simulations; 
– Error compensation processes

Price: 350€


9:00-9:30       Introduction and information about DataQ Intelligence
9:30-10:30     Warm up: Background information
10:30-10:45   BREAK 
10:45-12:15   First results and challenge, Part 1
12:15-13:15   LUNCH BREAK
13:15-14:45   More results and Challenge Part 2
14:45-15:00   Coffee Break
15:00-15:30   Discussion
15:30-16:00   Announcement of Bonus

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